Resource Augmentation Service

Ease of Scalability – Cost Efficient – Time saving are few benefits of Resource Augmentation Services

Resource Augmentation Service

In a competitive marketplace, maintaining the competitive edge needs a strong emphasis on your business goals. Resource augmentation has become an excellent practice to neutralize the risks.

Resource augmentation leads to lower investments and controlled attrition rates. We have a pool of IT resources for efficient resourcing. With a proven track record of outsourcing services, SoftLogique offers best-in-class resource augmentation services.

Our clients have benefited from our highest quality resource augmentation services by reducing sourcing and training costs and maintaining released products that involve hard-to-find skills.

Our aim is to meet your growing manpower requirements. Our customizable services span 3 different stages:

Acquisition  :  We deploy a strategic approach to attracting and acquiring the best-in-the-field

Engagement  : We work with you to ensure a ‘right fit’ between individual and the business

Development  : We help your manpower to acquire plan, create, and manage business-critical solutions

enabled by technology to drive competitive advantage

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Ensure right skills and resources are applied to project
  • Allow customers to scale their functions quickly
  • Leverage available resource pool
  • Finds resources with hard-to-find skills
  • Fix specialized skill gaps
  • Flexibility and Skilled workforce
  • Short- or long-term engagements
  • Effective delivery combination of speed and quality
  • Increase in ROI
  • Resource Optimization
  • Access to a wide range of technical skill-sets
  • Enhance cost-efficiencies


You Manage your Team. We will help you Build it….

We have a matured recruitment and we were able to cater to varied requirements of our huge number of satisfied clientele. Our Sourcing Capabilities include:

Ø Strong team includes technical recruiters with large scale staffing experience.

Ø Access to all sources of Recruitment Supply Chain.

Ø Interview panel drawn from our Development Center.

Focus Areas:

Ø Balance mix of technological, personalized approach & flexibility.

Ø Manage strong economic growth.

Ø High service level commitments through the use of technological interface .

Ø Just in time workforce.

Ø Full support of replacement of associates leaving. Attrition is  also checked as recruiters will work on profiles that remain associated for longer term.

Staff Augmentation Plan:

Staffing Process:

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