CCM : Empowering your Customer's Experience with your Organiation

Client Communication Management (CCM)

Customer communications management (CCM) is a strategy to boost the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of communications.  This innovative business strategy supports the production of personalized customer messages, product materials and documents. Customer communications management software allows organizations to create, personalize and deliver communications effectively and efficiently to numerous output channels based on the customers’ requirements.

We, at SoftLogique, offer award-winning CCM solutions to improve business interactions with clients while enhancing your bottom line. Our pool of professionals develops the highest quality CCM solutions to increase the reach of customer communications for companies. Our customer communications management (CCM) solutions are specially designed to allow enterprises to create and deliver customer communications across all channels ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Here are some of the important elements that make up a CCM system:

  • Data extract and transform solutions
  • Data management
  • Print-stream transform solutions
  • Document archiving
  • Postal optimization systems
  • Mail tracking systems
  • Document Accessibility Solutions
  • Integrity checking systems
  • Production printer hardware
  • Mailing competence systems

Why CCM?

Instant Launch: CCM reduces the up-front costs and launch quickly.

Personalized: CCM uses customer data from multiple sources to deliver personalized communications.

Speedy Process: CCM software streamlines collaborative design and production to speed up the delivery and improve quality.

Our experienced developers at SoftLogique take pride in offering custom CCM solutions. We provide personalized CCM solutions around key areas i.e. structured, on-demand and interactive communications for marketing. Contact us freely to know how we can transform the way you interact with your customers!

Client’s Corner:

“They go that extra mils to understand Client’s requirements. I will definitely choose them for the next Project”

– Akhil Shah (IT Manager , Kurmanchal Bank)



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